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Ideal Platinum 3000

Double Hung

Slimline Profile with less vinyl gives you more glass and light. Double hung windows are designed to emulate the beauty of a traditional wood window without the care and maintenance. Each sash, effortlessly and easily slides open, allowing you to let the outdoors in. Best of all, both sashes tilt-in for safe and easy cleaning within the home.

Standard Features


  • Fusion welded virgin vinyl, heavy duty mutli-chambered frame provide long lasting strength and durability.
  • The true low profile sloped sill provides a highly efficient drainage system that promotes water runoff without the use of weep holes.
  • Dual vent stops for limited and convenient opening of the window for ventilation.
  • Teflon coated constanat force balance sytem, ensures smooth, wasy and maintenence-free operation on all double hungs. Balance covers for enhanced asethetics.
  • Foam wrapped jamb prevents drafts around the frame
  • UltraVue half screen standard: full screen available
  • Sash

  • Welded sash corners create superior strength and a clean look.
  • Advanced, triple-fin weather stripping wraps and seals the sash perimeter for minimum air infiltration.
  • Dual pane 7/8" double strength glass increases the window's strength and durability.
  • Energy Saver EMS+ glass package with a .23 U-factor.
  • Dualtech locks - conveninet locking and tilting from within the lock mechanism.
  • I-Beam reinforcement found in all keeper rails.
  • SuperSpacer System.

Advanced, triple-fin weather stripping wraps and seals the sash perimeter providing the window with one of the lowest air infiltration ratings in the industry at a .02!

Dual surface, double strength LowE glass. Using two surfaces of LowE provides the same level of efficiency as a triple glazed unit. Argon Gas - more dense than air, slow down the movement of air within the 7/8" airspace, reducing the transfer of heat to cold for improved energy performance. Double Hungs have a .22 U-factor

SuperSpacer is a warm edge spacer featuring Polymer EPDM (Ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer) construction, dependably delivers high performance for insulating glass units, including excellent resistance to ozone, weathering, water and aging, while maintaining its flexibility through wide changes in temperature and barometric pressure.

Cellular insulation on the frame minimizes drafts between the house and window.

One simple operation controls the unlocking and tilting of the double hung window.

Flex Screen

Half Screens are standard. The UltraVue™ invisible insect screen is an innovative screen mesh that allows you to see the view and not the screen. UltraVue™ provides better airflow, more clarity, and better insect protection.

Flex Screen

Optional Full Screens - Flex Screen with Flex View Mesh will block the bugs but not the view. Flex View Mesh provides greater visability than standard mesh for a beautifully uninterrupted view to the outside. Flex Screen, as seen on Shark Tank, is the first and only flexible screen for easy removal and insertion. Half screens standard, full screens available.