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Marvin Elevate Fiberglass Windows


The Elevate® Awning window brings fresh air into hard-to-reach areas like over a sink or counter. Style meets durability with a low-maintenance Ultrex® fiberglass exterior and warm wood interior.

Standard Features

  • Crank out operation.
  • Folding handle provides easy operation and neatly stows out of the way of window treatments and blinds.
  • Advanced Low-E Insulating Double-Pane Glass with Argon Features insulating glass with a Low-E coating that has two layers of thermal protection. Argon is inserted in the space between the insulating glass to make your home even more energy efficient.
  • Low-profile frames offer more glass and lite than bulkier windows.
  • Features an easy-to-remove screen with concealed fasteners
  • Dual-point locking system ensures a tight seal and security from top to bottom.
  • Interior screen features an aluminum surround and concealed pressure mounting points for ease of operation and enhanced aesthetics.
  • Awning windows open outward from the bottom, shielding rain while open.
  • Classic low-profile durable hardware offer clean aesthetics, safety, and security

LowE 2 Features a double layer of silver on an inside surface of IG glass. It provides year round performance and comfort. This coating option provides better protection against radiant heat transfer than single layer metallic Low E coatings. Argon gas slows the movement of warm and cool air in IG airspaces and improve thermal performance.

TEMPERATURES MAY FLUCTUATE, BUT ULTREX® FIBERGLASS WON’T. Ultrex expands and contracts at virtually the same rate as glass, so it works with glass rather than against it. This means seals aren’t as prone to leaking, and windows aren’t subjected to sagging issues like other composites.

STRENGTH AND STABILITY OF ULTREX Ultrex pultruded fiberglass has superior tensile strength.   Windows and doors made with Ultrex bend and flex less, resist cracking and separating, and stand up better to everyday wear and tear. The exceptional strength and stability of Ultrex eases installation and establishes a secure, long-lasting fit that stays square and true year after year.

INDUSTRY’S BEST FIBERGLASS FINISH FOR LASTING BEAUTY Ultrex is the first and only fiberglass finish to be verified to AAMA’s 624 voluntary finish specifications for fiber-reinforced thermoset profiles (fiberglass). Windows and doors made with Ultrex resist scratches, dings, and marring more than vinyl. Our proprietary, mechanically bonded acrylic finish is up to three times thicker than painted competitive finishes, and it resists UV degradation even on dark colors.

Screens for the Essential product line feature a durable, low maintenance aluminum surround and Marvin Bright View™ mesh – a fiberglass screen mesh that provides improved airflow and more natural light while keeping insects out. Bright View repels water and resists dirt and grime for a sharp, vivid view.