PH Tech

Sliding Glass Door

The frame features a marriage of finger joined pine and specially formulated PVC extrusions. This provides the best of both construction worlds. The strength and non-conductivity of wood, plus the maintenance free aspect of our PVC which will not rot, rust, corrode, pit or blister. For additional strength and stability, all vertical rails are reinforced with galvanized steel.

Standard Features

Sturdy and Reliabile

1" white pine wood frame underneath the vinyl ensures a sturdier door and effective thermal barrier. The vinyl cladding protects the wood.

Meeting and side rails are reinforced with metal for increased structural integrity.

Reliability is measured by more than 1 million PH Tech doors sold - and one of the lowest service rates in the industry

Smooth and Quiet

These doors slide open smoothly and quietly thanks to
- Patented dual-tandem nylon wheels
-A raised rail to protect the wheels from dirt and debris

Energy Efficiency

Cardinal XL insulating for EnergyStar performance. Dual pane, tempered, LowE glass. Argon Gas - more dense than air, slow down the movement of air within the 7/8" airspace, reducing the transfer of heat to cold for improved energy performance.

The multichamber design reduces thermal exchange and with more enclosed air space than other brands, increases insulation values.

Triple weather-stripping virtually eliminates air filtration.

The Sound of Silence

Multichamber profiles and multiple weather-stripping help eliminate most outside noise.

Increased Protection

Fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock perfectly, making removal from outside almost impossible.

Foot Lock adds extra security while door is shut or partially opened.

Sturdy Screen - rigid enameled aluminum alloy frame, self cleaning tracks, anodized aluminum track built into sill ensure smooth operation